The trip as it was formally designed for this summer has been cancelled. Liability concerns from Dr. Trevino, paired with higher than expected transportation and fuel costs and most students not fundraising throughout this year have made it unreasonable to complete the trip as planned. 
The Booster Officers, along with myself and Mrs. Ware, met on Friday afternoon, got creative, and found a solution that will benefit all band students, including graduating seniors. Here are the details for all future summer events for the band:
We will now fund Floydada band students to attend any summer camp of their choosing, up to the amount fundraised by the kids and divided equally, every summer. This will allow parents to choose camps within their preferred driving distance. There are exceptional camps at SWOSU, TTU, SPC, and WTAMU, among others. Students can register for the camp, provide regsitration information to a Director, and the Boosters will send a check in that amount or the amount based on fundraising, whichever is appropriate, directly to the camp. This provides much more flexibility and should allow more students to particiapte if desired. This also solves our libaility and limited finance issues, while following all UIL rules related to trips associated with the band program and district (i.e. all trips required to be educational or have educational components). 
For seniors, on the year of graduation they will have the amount added to their scholarships. This new system will also allow us to give more meaningful scholarship amounts to students. Until now, we’ve only been able to give on average $150 per student or less for senior scholarships. I have been trying to boost this amount for the last few years, and with this new format we will be able to give amounts ranging from $600 to $1000. This will be more impactful for these seniors as they transition into college and adulthood. To receive the scholarship, like most other schools, they will have to provide proof of college course registration and show a GPA of at least 2.0 by either the end of the first or second semester to receive the scholarship. 
We apologize for the sudden change to this summer’s plans, but we really had no other choice. This solution will benefit all students, including seniors, and provide greater access to these camps that will grow and strenghten our band kids and thier skills. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to myself, Mrs. Ware, or a Booster officer. 
Warm regards,
Franklin Piland
Director of Bands, Floydada Collegiate ISD