The following is an official release from FCISD administration:

On Wednesday, August 12, 2020, we were notified that a high school football player tested positive for COVID-19. That individual has since quarantined and we are in the process of thoroughly disinfecting all areas of our athletic field house. This document serves as notification to all parents of athletes who may have come into contact with the positive case, whether it meets the definition of “close contact” or not. Close contact is defined as being exposed to infectious secretions (i.e. being coughed on) or being within 6 feet for a cumulative duration of 15 minutes. We strongly encourage you to monitor your child for COVID-19 symptoms (see for more information) and keep them home and/or seek medical attention if they exhibit any of those symptoms.

I. Initial Notification of Positive COVID-19 Test Result
a. Wednesday, August 12th at 2:49 PM: Initial Notification from the player’s mother to the Athletic Director (Todd Bandy). The Athletic Director immediately contacted the Superintendent (Dr. Gilbert Trevino) and Head Football Coach (Coach Bruington).

II. Immediate Actions Taken After Notification
a. 3:00 PM: The dates of player attendance at practice were checked and verified by the AD and Head Football Coach
b. 3:30 PM: A meeting with the superintendent was held in which a plan of action was developed.
c. 3:45 PM: The maintenance staff was notified and immediately sent to the athletic field house to thoroughly disinfect all areas.

III. Information Dissemination
a. 3:49 PM: The district nurse was called to initiate the process of notifying the health department.
b. 3:50 PM: A letter was drafted by the superintendent, athletic director, and head football coach in order to communicate the positive test to parents of all football players and to describe the steps being taken to ensure everyone’s health and safety.
c. The information will be shared via the Sports You App to all football players and will be shared on the district’s social media accounts.
d. 3:56 PM: The band director (Franklin Piland) was notified of the student testing positive since that student is also in the band program.
e. 4:03 PM: The band director in consultation with the superintendent decided to also cancel practices the rest of the week.

IV. Shutdown Operations
a. 3:15 PM: Coach Bruington contacted his assistant coaches and asked them to greet any athlete who arrives at the field house and send them home.
b. 3:45 PM: A message was sent via the Sports You App informing all players that practice was cancelled today, Wednesday, August 12th.
c. 3:46 PM: The decision was made to cancel practice activities for the rest of the week.
d. Athletic staff will begin the process of tracking and tracing all students with potential contact with the positive case. Parents of players who had “close contact” will be called and given information regarding COVID-19 symptoms and will be asked to monitor their child for those symptoms.
e. The Band Directors will disseminate information regarding cancellation of practices for the rest of the week.


High School Band Camp practices for the remainder of the week will be cancelled as we make sure the old band hall and the student’s particular instrument and materials are disinfected.

Students are not allowed to share instruments or sticks and are reminded daily, and such materials are disinfected with Lysol daily after rehearsals. Fortunately, it is rare there is contact with student secretions in band rehearsal; no activities that require touching have been allowed and no coughing or sneezing has been noticed in rehearsals.

Students have been instructed daily to wear masks when not playing their instruments, however we strongly encourage monitoring your student for COVID-19 symptoms as due to the enclosed space that is the band hall there might have been close contact exceeding 15 minutes that we might not be aware of.

We will continue to monitor the situation over the next few days and respond accordingly. Should you choose to test your student and they are deemed positive, please let Mr. Piland know as soon as possible.

Phone: 512-766-3494