Current Fundraiser(s)

We are currently raising funds for our Spring Trip to Florida. 

Store Link:

We must meet minimum orders on all products in order to receive any profit. If not, the entire order is cancelled and no students receive any profit. The more that is purchased over those minimum order numbers, the exponentially higher our profit percentage becomes.

Orders can be shipped directly to you, or you can leave a name at the end of checkout to specify which student to give the order for them to deliver it to you. Students are also selling in person for cash or check. Sale ends May 6 at midnight.

Past Fundraisers

World’s Finest Chocolate

Profit: $596.20

Century Resources: Century Pride

Profit: $2,651.46

Century Resources: Sweet Treats

Profit: $1,067.41

Goody’s Gourmet Popcorn

Profit: $712

Little Caesar’s Pizza Kits

Profit: $630


Profit: $535

Concession Stand (2019-20 + 2020-21 years)

Profit for students from parent hours worked: $2,031.21

Gandy’s GoGear Merchandise

Profit: $TBA